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Gestural Paintings
Relief and "Sandscapes"





“Through my visual artworks I express my desire to communicate beyond words. My creations are deeply emotional, not always simple, sometimes even complex. They reveal the inner awareness of oneness with the universe and source from deep spiritual places within me. Creating them is comparable to the act of dancing: I become one with the medium. It is an ebb and a flow – a creation of a new life, a permanent giving and receiving. At the end of this process the works themselves inspire me to find their appropriate titles. Paintings, reliefs or sculptures, they all are the expression of my intense belief that the marriage of inner and outer beauty allows us as humans to touch the sublime.”

"I am a humanist, and as such, I believe in the greatness of man and the human spirit. My work is transformational and transcendental and speaks to the elevation of our spiritual nature and addresses our humaness as emotional beings."

My mission statement for the past 15 years has been that, "My life and work be a source of upliftment and joy for myself and others."

Thank you for viewing my work.


Christina Grace





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