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Gestural Paintings
Relief and "Sandscapes"





Since 1967, when her first bronze sculpture was exhibited during the Montreal Expo, Christina Grace has been on a lifelong journey in the pursuit of artistic expression. Her training, education and experience in art has taken her from her homeland of Canada to Europe, through the Middle East, South America, China and throughout the United States. All this dramatically contributed to her evolvement as a contemporary abstract expressionist artist.

At age 15, her first bronze sculpture was included in the semi-finals for the Montreal 1967 Expo. At age 16, she was offered a mentorship by world-renowned sculptor Sorel Etrog. Thereafter, she continued to study art until attending boarding school in Montreux, Switzerland. This led to her attendance at the Université de la Sorbonne, studying French Language and Civilization, while auditing courses at L'Ecole du Louvre. After studying in Europe for almost 5 years, she returned to North America. She studied art at the University of New Mexico. She later participated in the Mentor Program at Santa Monica College
of Design, Art and Architecture.

Ms. Grace has used every available opportunity through her extensive education and international travel to study and seek an evolving and gratifying artistic expression that could be shared with others. Ms. Grace has been greatly inspired by the works of many world-renowned New York Abstract Expressionists and gestural painters, including Rothko, Motherwell, de Kooning and Franz Kline. Her art is also inspired by Diebenkorn, Klee, Calder and Miro.

Her gestural art evokes intuitive imagery. All works are highly textured, drawing from her early experience as a sculptor. Her work has been curated into several significant private and corporate abstract art collections. Ms. Grace's work is sought by galleries, philanthropists and collectors alike. Her paintings and sculpture have been exhibited in both the United States and Canada. Several contemporary art museums are currently following her work with an eye to future exhibition and/or acquisition. Additionally, her work is available through the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Rental and Sales Gallery.

The current collection includes paintings, etchings, monoprints, maquettes, sculptures and drawings. At present, her artwork is expressed in three parallel tracks: (1) gestural work, and (2) relief work on canvas, and (3) sculpture. The relief work, created in sculpted mediums, and her `sandscapes' which are sculpted in sand and lava on canvas, are highly textured and rich in color palette. Much of her relief work is inspirational to much larger bas-relief which can be cast in bronze and/or mixed metals. Approximately 275 works have been sold over the past 25 years.

Ms. Grace is in the process of establishing an art mentorship program which is titled "Guns to Brushes". The program will be administered by a non-profit organization to be formed with the same name. The early stages of the mentorship program will include the establishment of a beta site, with real-time access by school children through the world-wide web. The program will include national, state and regional award programs and eventually adoption of one or more public schools where funding for arts programs would be done on a grant basis. This is intended to be a model program which could easily be adopted in other communities. As a beneficiary of mentorship programs, Ms. Grace is determined to give back to America's youth, some of the values she received in such programs. "Guns to Brushes" will have an
advisory board of art educators, museum curators, philanthropists, art gallery owners and corporate arts sponsors. The program is designed to inspire creativity in youth and individual self-expression through non-violent means. In addition to "Guns to Brushes", Ms. Grace is also involved with several global peace initiatives.



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