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Gestural Paintings
Relief and "Sandscapes"



"From Darkness Into Light" - Exhibition Text


“Christina Grace is an ambitious artist. Her work incorporates passion and strength, desire and obsession. She has her own unique individual way of applying paint to paper and canvas. She is not accepting any excuses: she wants her work to be seen and even heard. And this in spite of the fact that this could be like crying for help in the desert. But then, what exactly is Grace’s message to the world?

Could it be a warning for a future Apocalypse, caused by the way we humans use nature for our own selfish purposes and by unabated genocide? Or is this about growth, a shift in human consciousness, deliverance and rebirth? Grace’s paintings confront us with almost entirely black or white surfaces with apparently ‘floating’ pours and strokes of color. We, as viewers, sometimes feel left behind and helpless, and at other times elevated and inspired. Despite their beauty, they also communicate the need for survival. This ambiguity makes them special and unique.

The work Christina Grace created over the last decade is all of this and much more. In fact, the presentation at the Turner Gallery incorporates a number of aspects. There is the visualization of a process - within the painting itself - from figuration to abstraction. But there is also the concern for the relationship between the organic and the spiritual. And last but not least, there is this unique marriage between desperation and hope.”

Erno L. Vroonen, M.A.
Independent Curator
Munich, Germany
  April 15, 2007



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